Ask a mediator

Meet Mike Young

Welcome to Mike Young’s Ask-A-Mediator!

Here is your chance to ask a mediator those pesky mediation questions that have been on your mind, be they about the itty bitty details of the mediation process, or 20,000 foot conceptual questions.

For instance, don’t you wonder what’s really going on in the other room?  Do mediators secretly pick who is “right” or “wrong,” and if so, does it affect their conduct?  And what’s the deal with mediation confidentiality, is it really that important? Why has the joint session disappeared, and is that a bad thing?  How do mediators really select their mediator’s proposal, and is there a way attorneys can influence it to their advantage?  What makes a good mediation brief?  Is there an advantage to making an outrageous opening demand?  Are some cases simply inappropriate for mediation?  What’s with all the food at Judicate West’s offices, and why is everyone there so amazingly nice all the time (do you think there’s a correlation)?

Here too you should share your thoughts about “The Game” – Negotiate Against The Masters.  What lessons are you learning as you try different strategies against the different Masters?

These and other pressing questions can be raised and addressed here.  And for those questions I can neither answer, nor make up, I will invite my mediator brethren and sisteren from around the globe to weigh in and share their thoughts.

Let’s make this a place to dialogue. I look forward to your Pearls of Wisdom.